話題一:個人情況 人物介紹

  1、(福建泉州)初中的學習生涯即將結束了。三年來,在你獲取知識的同時,你的外貌,興趣愛好,習慣…都有了一定的改變吧!請你一定以(How I Change)為題,寫一篇短文,告訴我們你的變化好嗎?字數在80詞左右。

  溫馨提示:1.短文中請勿使用真實姓名、地點或所在學校名稱。2.這些詞匯也許對你有幫助:hobby, habit, used to, enjoy oneself3.短文開頭已經為你寫好(字數不計入總數),請你接著往下寫。


  How I Change

  My life has changed a lot in the past three years. When I was in Grade 7, I was a short and shy girl with long hair. I often listen to music at home. But now I like to make friends and take part in all kinds of activities. I prefer running with my classmates. So I’m becoming much healthier than before. Not only my parents but also my teachers are satisfied with me.

                              How I Change

  My life has changed a lot in the past three years. I was fat and short when I came to the middle school. At that time I was interested in computer games and I spent most of time on it. My parents were worried about me.

  Now, I like sports and I often play football with my classmates after school. So I become taller and stronger than before. I like reading, too. I usually go to the library to read some interesting books. Good habits help me to study better and keep healthier.

  2、回顧初中三年成長過程,你一定有很多感受,從學習, 生活,愛好等方面作出自我評價 ( 畢業 回顧評價)

  I have studied in my middle school for three years. I have learned a lot. I have learned not only how to make friends but also how to talk to others. I have many hobbies. I like sports. I often play basketball, football and volleyball with my friends. Football is my favorite. Of all my subjects, I do best in English and Chinese. But my math and physics are a little weak. I think I will try my best to learn them well. I hope I can study in No.1 High School.

  3、根據提示寫一篇“My English Teacher”

  Name: Mr.King Age: 31 Years of teaching: 10 Hobby: playing sports, watching Tv , reading . Relation with his students: strict, kind, patient. 評論:teacher, friend

  My English Teacher

  Mr.King is our English teacher. He is 31 years old. He became a teacher 10 years ago.

  He likes playing sports, so he is very strong. He likes reading and watching Tv and he has good knowledge. All of us love to listen to his class because he has a good way to make his lessons interesting. Mr King is kind to us, but very strict with us in our studies. He is patient,too. He is a good teacher and also a good friend.



  My Hobby

  I am a 15-year-old student in junior Grade 3. Though I am occupied with my study, I would like to spend time on my hobbies, such as playing the piano, surfing the Internet.

  One of my favourite hobby is reading. Reading has been in my life for many years, since I began to learn characters. It can not only kill the time, but also, more important, help improve my comprehension ability. When reading, I can learn a lot. Reading Shakespear's works, I know how Hamlet looks like. Reading Scorates, I can see how great ancient Greek philosophers are. Reading Lu Xu, I come back to the old time of China.

  Reading really affect my life.



  提示詞:   give up    concentrate on   be (become)interested in


  Li Xiaohu spent too much time playing computer games and he fell behind others. As a close friend of his, I must do something to help him.

  First, I must tell him that playing computer games too much is bad for his health, especially for his eyes. So he must give it up. I can play more sports with him after school. Maybe he will become more interested in sports than computer games.

  And then I’ll ask him to concentrate more on his study. Of course, I will try my best to help him with all his subjects. I think I can do it in many fun ways and let him find much fun in studying.

  At the same time, I’ll ask both his parents and our teachers to help him, too. If I try these, I’m sure he will make great progress soon.

  2、根據所給信息,請你以 Mary的名義寫



Dear Wu Dong,

  I’d like to invite you to my birthday party at five, on Sunday afternoon, July 6th. My home is at No.8 Guangming Street.

  Hope to see you then!


July 1st


  要求:1.不少于四句;2.不要使用真實姓名、校名、地名等,否則不得分。Dear Miss/Mr Li


Dear Miss/Mr Li,

  Thank you for teaching us so well. You're so kind to me. I'll never forget you. Wish you happy,healthy and young for ever.  Every thing goes well. Best wishes!

  From Wang Li



Dear teacher,

  How times flies! I have to say goodbye to you now. Thank you, my dear teacher.

  You’re one of the best teachers in our school. You teach us so well. You often help me with my studies. When I’m in trouble, you always give good advice. With your help, I’ve made much progress in my studies. I’m lucky to be your student.

  I’ll never forget you. No matter where I’m going, we’ll be together forever.

  Best wishes













  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, my dear teachers and fellow graduates,

  It is a great honor for me to make a speech on behalf of the graduating class of 2008.

  It has been three great years for us to study in this beautiful school. Our teachers always try to make their lessons lively and interesting. We have learned a lot over these years, but we could hardly succeed without our teachers’ effort, our parents’ support, and our classmates’ help. At this moment, I’d like to thank all of you for what you have done for us.

  I wish our school more beautiful and all of us a wonderful future!

  Goodbye, our beautiful school, our dear teachers and our friends!

  Thank you for listening.


  內容提示:1. What troubled you?  2. How did he encourage you? 3. Thanks for his help.



Dear Mike,

  Although I haven’t written to you for a long time, I’d like to thank you from my the bottom of my heart.

  Since I failed in the PE test, I’ve lost interest in studying anything. I believed no matter how hard I worked. I wouldn’t realize my dream to be a famous senior high school. It’s you who encouraged me to overcome myself.

  What you said is right. Whether to enter an ideal school is not my real goal. The most important thing is that one should always dream to be better. As long as I try my best with the spirit of not giving up, everything will be OK.

  Having a friend like you, I’m sure we’ll make progress together. Thank you.


                                                                   Yang Fan




  要求:1:詞數不少于60個,開頭已給出。可選用下列詞匯:experience 經歷經驗   unhappiness 不快樂  confidence 自信心

                                     Hights And Lows In My Life

  We all have experienced highs and lows in our lives. I will never forget the experience when I began to learn English. I like English but I couldn’t get the right way in learning. The more I wanted to remember, the harder I found it was. I was in a low spirit. I almost gave it up.

  Luckily, my English teacher encouraged me and helped me find a good way. By and by , I realized English was not such a terrible thing. I became brave enough to open my mouth to speak English. How excited I was! My confidence came back to me. Believe it or not , I won the first prize in Spoken English Competition in our school. It was the first time I experienced the highs in my life!

  2、明天(星期五)全班同學將去參觀科學博物館(the Science Museum),由你(班長)通知全體同學。(通知的開頭和結尾已給出)內容如下: 1. 早上8點鐘在校門口集合,步行前往。2. 下星期一交一份有關參觀的報告。3. 參觀時要認真聽,仔細看并記下有趣的東西。4. 不可在博物館內大聲喧嘩及拍照。5. 帶筆和筆記本。

  要求:①不要逐句翻譯。 ②字數60~80。


  Fellow students,

  We are going to visit the Science Museum tomorrow. We will meet at the school gate at eight in the morning and we will go there on foot. Take your pens and notebooks with you. We should listen and watch carefully and write down something interesting when you visit the museum. Please dont make any noise in the museum and dont take any pictures. Youll have to hand in a report about the visit next Monday.

  請以學生會文體部的名義為一場籃球友誼賽寫一份海報,內容如下:1. 參加者:美國北地中學校隊和我校校隊2. 地點:水泥球場3. 時間:2005年11月20日(星期天)下午4點4. 組織者:我院學生會文體部5. 海報發出時間:2005年11月14日


  Friendly Basketball Match

  Under the auspices of the Recreational and Physical Culture Department of the Students Union of our school,a friendly basketball watch will be held between the visiting U.S.Northfield Team and ours on the cement basketball count on Sunday, November20th 2005 at 4:00 p.m.

  the Recreational and Physical Culture Department of the Students Union

  November14th 2005


  1、假定你是初三(1)班的李霞,你五月十四日晚上在閱覽室里丟失了一個綠色書包,內有兩本英語書,一個鉛筆盒,一個MP3及自行車鑰匙。你非常著急。你根據以上提示,用英語寫一則5 O詞左右的尋物啟事。


  I left a green school bag in the reading-room on the evening of May 14. There are two English books, a pencil-box, an MP3 player and the key to the bike in it. Now I'm very worried about it. Will the finder return it to Li Xia of Class 1, Grade 3? Thanks a lot!



  1.好好休息,學會放松。 2. 讀書,因為讀書既有趣又能學到許多知識。


  注意:1.詞數70左右,可圍繞主題適當發揮;2.短文開頭已經給出,但不計入總詞數。3.文中不得出現真實的地址和姓名。  4.參考詞匯:知識knowledge,社會活動social activities, 放松relax,社會society

  The summer holiday is coming; I’m going to ____________________________________________


  The summer holiday is coming; I’m going to have a good rest and learn to relax myself. I will read more useful books because reading more books is not only interesting but also can make me learn more knowledge. I will try to spend more time in chatting with my parents and help them do some housework,  I  am going to take part in the social activities so that I can know more about the society.


  1、以MY Future plan為題目,100字左右

  2、我決定大學畢業后當一 名中學教師,這是我孩提時代的夢想

  3、我很喜歡教師在個職業,與中學生在一 起可以使自己永保青春


  范文:                               My future plan

    I decided to be a middle teacher after college. There are many reasons contribute to this decision.

    Firstly, when I was a little/boy, I have been dreaming of being a teacher. It seemed so fascinate to me and I hope I can make my dream come true.

    And, I like so much to be with middle school students. Most of the students at that age are full of youthful spirity and I am sure their passion would pass to me. I will retain all the zest of adolescence.

    The most important reason is that our country needs plenty of teachers. So far, teaching is considered a tough and low-income job in China. However, if we have not enough teachers, our future will lack of excellent scientist, managers, businessmen, soldiers and even goood workers and farmers. How can our country to be strong and wealthy? I wish my country to be a better one. I am ready to be a teacher and hope all the persons with lofty ideals may dedicate themselves to this meaningful career.



  1、(湖北荊州)請以“My hometown”為題,按以下內容要求寫一篇80個詞左右的短文。
  1.家鄉的環境等基本情況;    2.家鄉的人們及其主要活動;        3.對家鄉的簡要評價。

  范文:                               My hometown

  My hometown is a small village not far from the Changjiang River. A road runs through it, leading to the nearest. You can see houses behind green trees along both sides of the road.

  There are about 300 people in the village. All of them are very friendly. In busy seasons most of them do farm work in the fields. The village is famous for its fruits. When summer comes, many businessmen drive here to buy them.My hometown is becoming more and more beautiful. I love my hometown very much.


  1、中學生學習時間長、壓力大,專家建議學生每天課后應采取適當的方式放松自己。你代表班級在一次 “The Ways for Students to Relax”的學校座談中與二(1)班的Terry討論了這一話題,請根據他的觀點和你自己的觀點,用英語給你的外籍教師Mr. Griffin寫一篇有關這次討論的匯報材料。
  His ideas

  Your ideas

  1. Watching TV

  1. …

  2. Playing computer games

  2. …

  3. Hanging out with friends

  3. …

  注意:1. 開頭和結尾已經寫好;2. 可以適當增加談論話題時經常用到的話語,使內容連貫

  3. 所寫內容必須包括上面表格中他的觀點和你自己至少三個觀點   4. 詞數:70字左右。


Mr. Griffin,

  Recently I have had a discussion about The Ways for Students to Relax with Terry, a student from Class One Grade Two. (As we study too long every day, every student should choose ways to relax.) In his opinion, the best ways are watching TV and playing computer games. He also believes that sometimes hanging out with friends isn’t a bad way.

  However, I’m not quite agreeable with him. In my opinion, watching TV or playing computer games is not a good way to help us relax. I think listening to music and playing sports are good ways because they can help us keep healthy. I often play pingpong after class and I find it really helpful to both my health and my study. Besides, I think chatting with our friends isn’t a bad way. I think it can help me get on better with my friends.




  20% 活動少,體質差;50%作業多,學業壓力大;30% 父母要求嚴,相互溝通少;20%---twenty percent of the …

  活動少---don’t often do sport;體質差---not health, be weak in health;作業多---have too much homework;學業壓力大---feel stressed too much; under too much pressure;父母要求嚴--- be strict with sb.;相互溝通少--- don’t often talk with sb. ;


  Our class has made a survey——

  “Don‘t keep your worries.” About fifty percent of the students in our class are worried about their homework and studies(學業). And they feel stressed too much. About thirty percent of the students think their parents are too strict with them. They don’t often talk with their parents. The other twenty percent of them say they are weak in health. They complain that they almost have no time for their hobbies or exercise.

  So I hope that our teachers will  give us less homework. And I advise our parents to allow us to spend some time with our parents doing outdoor activities.I think our teachers should give us less homework to do. And our parents are supposed to talk with us often. In this way, we will be happier.


  1、(浙江麗水)Ellen看到大家都對自己的未來充滿期待,感到特別高興。為了鼓勵大家學好英語,他準備出一期英語學習經驗交流專刊。請根據以下問題和答案的提示并結合你的實際情況,以“My English Learning”為題寫一篇80詞左右的英文稿件,要求至少涉及其中的三個問題,并且不能出現你的真實姓名、校名和縣名等。提示:

  When did you start learning English? (in … /…years ago)

  How do you learn English? (listen carefully, study with a group, read English every day…)

  What is difficult to learn? (listening, grammar…)

  What other helpful ways do you know to learn English well? (watch English movies, sing English songs…)


  English is one of my best subjects and I started learning English when I was ten years old. But at the very beginning, listening seemed a little difficult for me. So I have been doing a lot of listening practice, such as listening to tapes, watching English TV programs. And I found it really helped a lot. In fact, there are some more helpful ways to learn English well. For example, I enjoy singing English songs and I want to join an English club or find a pen pal from English-speaking countries. I believe that nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it.



  參考詞匯:long history, beautiful views, tour guide, relaxing , educational, friendly

  Good morning, everyone! Nice to meet you ! I’m your tour guide today, Welcome to my hometown ---Fuzhou.

  Fuzhou lies in the east of Fujian Province, It has a very long history and many beautiful views. There are many places of interest, such as Mount Gu, WestLake Park ,Three Hills and Two Pagodas and so on. And the air is very clean and fresh. Fuzhou is famous for the Minju Opera -----one of the greatest local operas in China.

  Fuzhou is also a good place for shopping and having delicious food . So far, a lot of new shopping malls and plazas have been built. You can buy what you like there ,If you want to try traditional Fuzhou food, you can go to Night Snack Street, The food there is both dilicious and cheap.

  There are still many other interesting and exciting things waiting for you to enjoy yourselves! Let’s go for them!


  環境問題:今天環境變得越來越糟糕,環境問題影響著人們的工作,學習,生活等,而我們的工作,生活,生產等又使環境污染越來越嚴重..........,如何保護我們的環境?請以“ How to protect/save our environment/world? ”為題寫一篇短文。提示:存在問題:1.水污染越來越嚴重  2.砍伐森林嚴重   3. 大氣污染嚴重  4. 白色垃圾等。 要求:如何改善/保護環境?至少:3---4個方面, 80字左右的。


  How to protect/save our environment/world?

  The environmental pollution  is worse and worse /more and more seriously  today .  Water is polluted ,we have no  clean  water to  drink  Many trees are cutting down, some animals is getting less and less.Some  factories is poring dirty  air in the sky , the population  is increasing faster and faster ,resources is getting less and less…etc. Not only does it affect our lives and health, it also has a great  affection  in the  future. people's health has been greatly affected by air, noise and water pollution. Many people died of diseases.In order to live a better life, we need protect our  world.

  We should n’t throw away rubbish everywhere.We want to recycle ,reduce ,reuse  things .Don’t waste things ,This saves money and reduces pollution. Use things for as long as possible.  We don’t use  plastic bags . We mus plant more trees and stop the people cutting them .We hope  our world is more and  more beautiful .




  原因:1.考試太濫   2.自身勤奮不夠   3.把大量時間用在上網和玩游戲上  4.為了騙取家長和老師高興



  At present, a number of middle school students have picked up a bad habit——cheating in examinations.


  At present, a number of middle school students have picked up a bad habit — cheating in examinations.

  There are three main reasons. First, schools have given students too many exams, some of which are too difficult. Second, some students are not hard-working and they don’t work hard at their lessons. Third, they waste a lot of time playing games or surfing the Internet. So they haven’t enough time to prepare for the exams. Finally, students have to do so to make their teachers and parents happy.

  In my opinion, cheating in exams does great harm to our study. We students should be honest and diligent, and only in this way can we improve our study and make progress. Besides, our teachers should offer us fewer exams and more time to study for ourselves.



  要求:文章語言流暢,邏輯清晰,用詞準確,80—100字左右;詞匯參考:地震earthquake悲痛sorrow受到感動be deeply moved安慰comfort重建rebuild自愿做某事volunteer to do sth


     On April 14th, a big earthquake happened in Yushu, Qinghai. Many people lost their relatives and their homes. All the Chinese people feel quite sorrow.A lot of people volunteer to help them. Some people raise money for them, some people buy something for them, some people go there to comfort the sad children. Thousands of soldiers help them to save their relatives and rebuild their homes Even foreign friends also give them a hand.

    I’m deeply moved by these people. So  I’ll use my pocket money to buy some food and school things for the children there. I think all of us should try our best to help them to get out of the trouble together.

  2、 “4.14”玉樹大地震后,某校將開展“人人為災區孩子獻愛心”的主題班會活動,現在請你以學生會的名義寫一份倡議書,內容要點如下:

  1.許多孩子地震后不能上學   2.。沒有足夠的學習用品和衣物   3.每個孩子都應該有上學的權利

  4.我們應該作一些力所能及的事情去幫助、他們,比如……    5.希望他們能盡快重返校園…….

  注意:1.可根據要點,適當發揮,(參考詞匯:school things, have the right to do something, as possible as one can)



Dear students,

  After the terrible earthquake, there are lots of children out of school. Some of them are even homeless.Their schools and houses have destroyed. They can just live in the open air. They don’t have enough school things or clothes .As we all know, every kid has the right to go to school, but now they are in trouble. As a Chinese, we should help them as possible as we can. We can raise some money and things for them. And we can also write to them to encourage them. I hope they will return to school as soon as possible with our help.

                                                                  Students’ Union

  十五話題. 以I love ________為題,要求60~80個單詞。

  I love singing

  Singing is one of my favorite hobbies. I am very interested in it . We have two music lessons every week . In class I always listen to our teacher carefully . After class, I listen to pop songs and I learn to sing .My teacher often tells me tossing for the students in class. My classmates says my voice sounds sweet . I am very happy . I think I am going to be a singer like Liu Dehua, I like him and his songs very much .

  十六話題. 中考英語書面表達練習題目薈萃

  1. 根據中文提示,寫出內容完整、意思連貫、符合邏輯、不少于50詞的短文。

  在即將畢業之際,你的英語老師Mr. Smith要求你們每人給他寫一封英文書信留作紀念。(信的開頭和結尾已給出,其字數不計入所完成的短文內)

  1. 你對Mr. Smith的整體印象;        2. 簡述一次經歷(幫助、鼓勵、批評等);

  3. 你的感受或建議。

Dear Mr. Smith,

  How are you? It’s a pity that I’m leaving this school soon. At this moment, I want to say “Thank you”. You have done a lot for us since you came to our school. You are always working hard and try to help us when we are in trouble.

  I still remember, when I began to learn English, I found it too difficult. No matter how hard I tried, I still couldn’t do well in it and almost gave it up. As soon as you found my problem, you had a talk with me about how to learn English well. Since then you have kept helping me. Little by little, I’ve become interested in English and I’m now good at it.

  I think I am so lucky to be one of your students. I hope that you can stay in China  longer and have more Chinese students.

  Best wishes to you!


  Li Lei

  十七話題. 學習英語

  . 根據提示,寫一篇短文(100個詞左右)。


  1. 簡況:學習英語已有3年多。起初覺得英語難學,發音不好,單詞拼不準確,不會語法規則,后來,在老師和同學們的幫助下取得了很大進步。

  2. 體會:要在短時間內獲得最佳的學習效果,非下苦功夫不可。課內外要多聽、多說、多讀和多寫。

  3. 建議:對同學提出適當建議,以供他們學習參考。

  How to learn English well

  It is more than three years since I began to study English.At first I found it quite difficult.I couldn’t pronounce well,spell the words correctly or remember the rules of grammar.With the help of my teachers and classmates,I have made much progress.Now I am getting on well with my English.

  Three years’ study has taught me that one cannot learn English well without hard work.We must do m ore listening and speaking both in and out of class.And do more reading and writing as well. That is “Practice makes perfect”.

  So,in my opinion,we should work hard at English.That’s the most important thing. And we should also practise using it as much as possible.


  Shanghai will host the 2010 World Expo. The World Expo has a long history but it has never been held in Asia. So the 2010 World Expo is an honor for all of the Asians. Our government has promised that it will be the best one. And Shanghai, as a host city, will have more chances to develop quickly.  As a student in Shanghai, I should learn English well so that I can be a volunteer in the Expo to help foreigners know more about Shanghai.

  十九話題 談談廣告


  詞數為80詞左右。 提示詞:cheat 上當,受騙

  In the modern world, advertising is everywhere! Some people like ads and others hate ads. I think it offers some advantages and disadvantages.

  Some ads are very useful. They can tell people how to compare two different products so that people can buy the better one. They can also help you save money.

  However there are also some disadvantages. Some ads can be confusing or misleading. Sometimes the words sound good but don’t tell you anything real. So you have to be careful not to be cheated. We shouldn’t believe everything.

  二十話題 地震逃生

  中國是一個地震多發國,由于“汶川地震”的發生,成千上萬的學生和老師失去了生命,假如你們學校要進行一場“地震逃生知識講座”,假如你是講座演講人,名叫LinTao ,請據以下幾方面寫一個簡單的發言稿,可以自由發揮,但至少要補充兩條注意事項。



  3.不要慌張地向戶外跑 ;




  Dear classmates,teachers,headteacher headmaaster :

  I’m LinTao in Class 6, I’m very proud I’ve been chosen to speak to you . I make a speech : “How to protect and save our lives?” When the earthquake happens, how to protect and save our lives is important? In “Wenchuan earthquake” on “5.12” in Sichuan, thousands of students and teachers died of it.

  You must be/keep calm when the earthquake happens. You go into under the table or hard furnitures fast. You must turn off or put out the fire so that you and your families are safe when the buildings are shocking. Don’t run out nervously; Open the door and keep EXIT open. When you are in the open air, you must sit on the wide place/ground,such as :playground etc, you must look after your head and keep away from the dangerous things.

  When you are at school ,in the shopping center or theatre, you must follow the teachers or offficers, let them lead you to the safe places. Bring some food , water and medicines to safe place as possible as you can, you must wait the people to save you if you’re in dangerous . You must keep living…

  I couldn’t say it better myself. So from the bottem of my heart, I thank you and wish everyone gets well for the future.

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