第二十四章  非謂語動詞
    1.It is often difficult to _____ what to do.
    A. decide yourself B. decide         C. decide oneself D. decide himself
    2. "We just saw John at the bookstore."  "That's strange; I didn't think he _____ back until tomorrow."
    A. will come      B. was to come        C. is coming      D. is to come
    3."Did you have trouble with your car this morning?"      "Yes, but I finally managed _____."
    A. to get staring it      B. it to get started   C. to get it started      D. getting started it
    4.I found ________ to answer all the question within the time given.
    A. no possibility B. there was impossibility       C. impossible     D. it impossible
    5.If you don't like to swim, you ______ stay at home.
    A. may well         B. may be as well           C. may just as well D. may be well
    6.John wanted me to ask you ____ with me.
    A. coming        B. to have come       C. to come     D. to be coming
    7.You _______ that building after dark.
    A. have no business for entrance   B. have no reason entering    C. have no reason to enter      D. do not have business to entering
    8. I'm hungry. Get me something ____.
    A. eat B. to eat  C. eating   D. for eating
    9.My brother is here ______ study English.
    A. for B. ago     C. to D. by
    10.Tom _____ when they spoke ill of him.
    A. happened to be passed B. happened to be passing by       C. happened passing by    D. happened to passed
    11.We all hope ____ scientists.
    A. become     B. to become      C. becoming    D. became
    12.The boy refused ______ for climbing the tall tree.
    A. to pay B. to be paid       C. being paid D. paying
    13.I happened ____ the article when he asked me about it.
    A. having read B. to have read          C. to be read        D. reading
    14.______ is to struggle.
    A. Living B. Live       C. To live    D. To be lived
    15.At last the enemy soldiers had no choice but _____ their guns.
    A. to lay down           B. lie down        C. laying down D. lay down
    16.They would do everything except ______ a moon landing.
    A. to make     B. made       C. making     D. make
    17.Last summer I took a course on ___________.
    A. how to make dresses        B. how dresses be made         C. how to be made dresses D. how dresses to be made
    18.Tell us _____ next.
    A. how to do       B. what to do        C. how do        D. what do
    19.He wants to know ___ to help her when she is in trouble.
    A. what will do B. what he should do      C. how to do D. what will he do
    20. Don't stop trying. We'll be sure _____.
    A. succeed       B. succeeding          C. of succeeding  D. to succeed
    21. With my father ______ I wanted to try it again.
    A. helping    B. help  C. helped    D. to help
    22. In the film, the battle is made ______ in the winter.
    A. to take place           B. take place      C. took place D. had took place
    23. He is the first _____ at the meeting.
    A. spoke B. had spoken         C. to speak    D. speaking
    24. He was too young _____ with a family.
    A. being burdened B. burdened         C. to be burdened D. burdening
    25. I am ______ willing _____something for the old living around here.
    A. very; doing B. very; to do         C. enough; do  D. too; to do
    26. _______ the room temperature, he added some coal into the stove.
    A. Keep up       B. In order keep up     C. So as to keep up      D. To keep up
    27. It is very kind ____ the machine for us.
    A. for you to repair  B. for you repairing C. of you to repair D. of you repairing
    28. The machine is rather difficult _______.
    A. to repair         B. to be repaired   C. repairing          D. being repaired
    29.  The table is hard _____. It is too heavy.
    A. move away B. to move away         C. to be moved D. to move them away
    30. She likes ______ in public.
    A. praised       B. to praise          C. to be praised  D. praising
    31. She was said ____ a fairy one day.
    A. to meet        B. meeting          C. to have met          D. having meeting
    32. He is said ______ his work in his own room now.
    A. he is doing       B. to be doing     C. doing  D. be doing
    33. I won't have you _____ up and down all day.
    A. ran  B. running      C. run  D. to run
    34. I wish to finish my work and _____away.
    A. get B. getting         C. to get D. got
    答案:1.B 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.C 6.C 7.C 8.B 9.C 10.B 11.B 12.B 13.B 14.C 15.A 16.D 17.A 18.B 19.B 20.D
    21.D 22.A 23.C 24.C 25.D 26.D 27.C 28.A 29.B 30.C 31.C 32.B 33.B 34.A
    1. _____ is not easy.
    A. For cook B. To cooking C. Cooking D. Cook
    2. There's no use _____ over spilt milk.
    A. to cry B. crying        C. cry D. cried
    3. I would appreciate _______ me know as soon as possible.
    A. your letting B. you to let      C. your allowing          D. you to allow
    4. "Is John sick?"   "Yes. ______ all night in the rain caused him to catch a cold.
    A. He worked         B. To have worked        C. working         D. His working
    5. His favorite sport is ________ football.
    A. to play the B. playing the        C. playing    D. play
    6. Yesterday I was busy______ things ready for trial production. Otherwise I would have taken part in that discussion.
    A. to get B. get         C. having got        D. getting
    7. The book is not worthy of ____.
    A. to translate B. to be translated         C. translating D. being translated
    8. The old professor wanted a quiet room for the night because he just couldn't stand _______ in a noisy room.
    A. having slept B. sleep          C. being slept D. sleeping
    9. She had no difficulty ____ the problem.
    A. working out B. having worked out        C. to have worked out     D. to work out
    10. Though the meeting about to end and everybody was in a hurry to leave, Richard _________ several questions.
    A. insisted to ask B. insisted asking         C. insisted on asking  D. insisted to asking
    譯文: 盡管會議即將結束,大家都忙著要離開,理查德卻執意要問幾個問題。
    11. The way he talks simply intolerable. I object to ______ like a child.
    A. treat B. treated         C. being treated D. treating
    12. What about ___ a film this evening?
    A. see B. to see        C. seeing          D. seen
    13. I hope you don't mind ______ you all this.
    A. to tell B. to have told        C. to be telling          D. my telling
    14. The students were interested in _____ a field trip to the National History Museum, but they were not able to raise enough money.
    A. take B. to take          C. taking D. took
    15. The dog was lucky that it just missed _____.
    A. catching           B. to be caught         C. being caught D. to catch
    16. Sometimes new ideas have to be tested many times before _____.
    A. accepting fully B. being fully accepted          C. fully accepting          D. fully being accepted
    17. The bill is a measure necessary to afford ______ labor.
    A. to protect B. protect             C. protecting D. being protected
    18. The child deserves ________.
    A. punishing B. punished         C. having punishing D.
    19. I hate _____ in public.
    A. smoking  B. to be smoke          C. for smoking D.
    20. Don't you remember ______?
    A. seeing the man before      B. to see the man before      C. saw the man before          D. to have seen the man before
    21. I shall never forget _____ late Premier Zhou during his inspection of our factory.
    A. meet B. to meet          C. meeting    D. have meeting
    22. I bitterly regret ________ him he story yesterday.
    A. to tell B. to have told         C. to be telling D. having told
    23.  Let's ________ about our examination results.
    A. to stop to worry B. stop to worry         C. stop worry          D. stop worrying
    24. I prefer _____ rather than sit idle.
    A. to work       B. working        C. for working         D. work
    25. Please go on _____ the same exercise.
    A. do B. done             C. to do D. doing
    26. My transistor radio isn't working. It _____.
    A. need repairing B. needs repairing         C. needs to repair D. need to repair
    27. These plants want ______.
    A. to water         B. to be watered         C. watered       D. being watered
    28. These children require ______.
    A. to be looking after        B. to be looked       C. looking after D. to looked after
    答案:1.C 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.C 6.D 7.B 8.D 9.A 10.C 11.C 12.C 13.D 14.C 15.C 16.B 17.C 18.A 19.A 20.A
    21.C 22.D 23.D 24.A 25.D 26.B 27.B 28.C
    1. He's _______ because he has won the prize.
    A. nervous       B. satisfying         C. excited         D. exciting
    2. I'm _____ at your success.
    A. pleasing          B. pleasant         C. pleased           D. please
    3. Mr. Brown is _____ respected by his colleague.
    A. very B. much        C. rather     D. extremely
    4. His explanation made the problem _______.
    A. even more complicated       B. to be even more complicated      C. that is became even more complicated        D. be even more complicated
    5. What he said made me ______.
    A. to surprise           B. surprising        C. surprised D. surprise
    6. My sister got a new suit ______ for me.
    A. making          B. made           C. to make    D. make
    7. These students are quick at learning. We'll have them _____ in new methods.
    A. to train        B. for training        C. train D. trained
    8. When she returned home, she found the window open and something ______.
    A. stolen B. missed        C. to be stolen D. to steal
    9. He read a book _______ for the bus.
    A. to wait     B. to be waiting       C. waiting        D. waited
    10. Night _____ , we hurried home.
    A. fall B. fallen            C. falling D.
    11. She is writing a letter to a friend of hers, _____ him to attend the party.
    A. having invited B. inviting           C. to invite  D. invited
    12. ______ his work, he went to play basketball.
    A. Having done B. Doing          C. Done          D. He has done
    13. ______ into many languages, the book is well known all over the world.
    A. Having been translated B. To be translated         C. Having translated     D. Being translated
    14. _____ a shy man, Einstein did not attend the public celebration on his fiftieth birthday.
    A. Was B. He is       C. Being     D. He was
    15. _____ and _____, they ran out of the room.
    A. Being excited; happily          B. Exciting; happy        C. Excited; happy          D. Exciting; happily
    16. ______ what you said, you should be praised.
    A. To judge from B. Being judged         C. Judge from D. Judging from
    17.  The bridge _____, the people _____ by both sides of the river were wild with joy.
    A. having completed; living B. completed; living      C. completed; lived   D. had completed; living
    18. _____ several times, they need some encouragement.
    A. Fail B. Failed         C. Being failed D. Having failed
    答案:1.C 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.C 6.B 7.D 8.A 9.C 10.C 11.B 12.A 13.A 14.C 15.C 16.D 17.B 18.D

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