九年級英語上冊Module 12教案2

  初中三年級英語上冊Module 12教學設計(九年級英語)

Unit 2 I would go around the world.
    ■Warm up by getting to know about Los Angeles.
    We are going to learn English in Los Angeles today. But how much do you know about her?
    Los Angeles (also called L.A.) is a city in southern California, in the United States of America. It has 3,847,400 people living in the city, and over 18 million people in the L.A. region. The city has an area of 1200 square kilometres. L.A. has the second largest population of any city in the USA. It is the largest city in California.
    ■Read the passage.
    On page 98 is an article about learning English in Los Angeles. Now start reading it. While reading, try to: cut/ the sentence into thought groups, study the predicative, darken the connectives and underline all the useful expressions. (閱讀過程中,斷開/意群,觀察謂語構成,圈出連詞,摘錄短語搭配。)
    Useful expressions (有用的短語搭配)
    provide summer English courses, enjoy coming to…, learn about…, improve one's English, at the same time, last for…weeks, start at the beginning of…, teach English classes for…hours a day,  choose between…or…, larger groups of up to 15, provide weekly test, see the progress, make progress with…, one's language skill of reading, as well as, learning English, experience life,  live with an American family, take part in…, have meals with…, do some activities with…, for many of…, the most interesting part of the course, create friendships with…,  last a long time, arrange hotel accommodation, take place, after class, take trips to…, go to various shopping centers, weekend visits, organize visits to…, places of interest, enjoy a course with…, fill in one's application form, find our list of prices, be paid for one month before…
    ■Draw a diagram of the text.
    ■Retell the text with the help of the diagram.
    Summer English Courses in Los Angeles helps you to learn about American culture and improve your English at the same time.
    As well as learning English, Summer English Courses in Los Angeles help you to experience life USA.
    Activities taking place after class give you the best possible experience of English and life in the USA.
    Fill in the application form. The course must be paid for one month before it begins.
    ■Close down by writing as they do. (仿寫)
    You are going to write, by imitation, a similar article. You may write about any things you like.
    Unit 3 Language in use
    ■Warm up by doing language practice
    Hi, let's go to page 100. Make a study of the structure of the seven sentences in the box. Then make similar sentences.
    My new trousers are a bit tight.
    Many families create friendships with the students.
    The New Standard team gets the special prize.
    Your host family is meeting you at the airport.
    Watch Crazy Feet record its latest CD.
    The whole class is just behind us.
    The group is very popular--everyone in my family is a huge fan!
    My new trousers are over there.
    Many families go to visit the park.
    Our school team wins the special prize.
    His family is coming to meet you at the railway station.
    The whole class is excited.
    The group is very interested--everyone in the group is a huge fan!
    ■ Study agreement of subject and predicate.
    1. Singular subjects need singular verbs. Plural subjects need plural verbs.
    2. Pronouns such as everyone and everybody seem plural, but they are always singular - so they need a singular verb.
    Everyone who worked on the task is a winner.
    Someone has to answer the phone.
    3. Phrases that come between the subject pronoun and its verb -may contain plural words and confuse.
    Each of the basketball players is excited about tonight's game.
    4. Verbs that accompany pronouns such as all and some will be determined by whether the pronoun is referring to something that is COUNTABLE or not.
    Some of the workers on the building have left for the day.
    Some of the salt was found on the floor.
    5. None is usually regarded as singular, but it can be used as a plural pronoun.
    None of the boys has helped at the game.
    6. Phrases such as together with, along with, and as well as seem to combine subjects, but they do not.
    Some of the tile in our room, as well as the hall, was soaked.
    The major problem we had, together with that of our teacher, was tardiness.
    7. When either and neither appear as a subject alone (without the words or and nor), they are singular.
    Either of those answers seems to be right.
    You can have the bed by the window or the one by the door. Either is okay with me.
    8. The words there and here are never subjects.
    Here are the papers you gave me.
    Here is my answer.
    9. Verbs in the present tense for third-person, singular subjects (he, she, it and anything those words can stand for) have s-endings. Other verbs do not add s-endings.
    He asks for help.
    She asks for help.
    They ask for help.
    ■Read Around the world.
    Turn to page 103. Let's go on to read Summer camps.
    While reading, try to: cut/ the sentence into thought groups, study the predicative, darken the connectives and underline all the useful expressions. (閱讀過程中,斷開/意群,觀察謂語構成,圈出連詞,摘錄短語搭配。)
    Useful expressions (有用的短語搭配)
    in many countries, summer camps for …, be very popular, in the countryside or on lake, stay there for one to four weeks, sleep in tents or cabins, get up for a good breakfast, do arts and crafts activities, go for long walks, in forests or trips in canoes, learn many useful outdoor and water skills, often in the evenings, gather around…, a big campfire, sing songs, tell stories, be away from…for more than a few days, provide…for the summer
    ■Close down by writing a similar passage. (仿寫)
    Weekend English courses
    In China weekend English courses for children are very popular. In cities English courses are provided for pupils and children.

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